In every cell…

Years ago I remember reading in more than one place about a seven year spiritual “process” and I was asking Spirit about this… like, does it really take seven years?  Cause we got work to do!  And gheez, many are lucky if they can take a week spiritual retreat.  The answer was yes… and no… (and more).  And honestly now, seven years seems like a drop in the bucket.  I have a better understanding of the depths, heights and vastness of this process and why.  So this came back to light as I was thinking about every cell in the body.  And there’s some science here… Continue reading

Your POWer


(Photo credit as I took two pics found online and placed them together; 1st photo by Noah Silliman.)

I think the 4th of July vibe is here.  Pow!  The next 9 days or so may be quite energetic as I could feel through 7/7.  So what does this mean…?  Continue reading

Braided Soul

I was taking a moment to reflect on this past year.  Wow does and doesn’t cover it.  I’ve changed and learned/remembered, a lot.  While I write and share often, I don’t write about everything.  So, to be honest I wasn’t going to publically write on this.  Yet, I remember what it felt like when it happened and if someone had shared… maybe I would have listened/read.  Maybe… it would have resonated.  For me, understanding is huge.  Then my mind relaxes and moves along with my heart, soul and the Universe.  I guess though, that if for nothing else, this is to my younger self.  Continue reading

Ten Four


Ahhh… yes, message received!  Synchronistic date isn’t this?

Good morning sweet souls!  How are you?  I am now realizing… I have been under!  This has been a major upgrade for me/many that has probably been going on for 6 weeks or so.  I’ve been feeling the process lift.  At the same time, I also know to go slow for a bit longer.  And interesting, a possible Hurricane is on the way.  Matthew.  HmmContinue reading