Let go of 2019 energy


Well… for that matter… let go of 2012 – 2019.  Alrighty loves, lights and all in-between… how are you doing?  Or should I say, how are you being?  While I haven’t been writing much for months now… trust that the journey continues.  Continue reading


It’s early.  The house is full yet quiet since everyone is still in dream cycles… and that is to be honored since it is important work.  I sit with the rising sun.  A routine of mine for some time now.  My heart is also full.  There is a state of peace… gratitude… reverence.  What does the next moment hold…?  One only knows.  Really, who cares when you have… this.  While the next few days may be busy and many won’t need to read this reminder/words, I wish all this sense of knowing, completeness and peace.  For it is LOVE and Divine.  So no picture this time.  No picture captures because, it is everywhere and everything.  Be this is all that you do.  The work is done, love has won.  Blessing my loves and lights.  In joy/enjoy.

Calm the tribe


Hey tribe!  Haha.  Just a quick reminder:  All is well.  Not that anyone is worried about anything, lol.  So just checking in and reassuring.  Something’s in the air (love, stairs and… the unknown)  yet it will be different for each of us.  The timing will be different as well.  Yes it will be, good.  Keep looking, UP.  Be open.  Mind, heart and body.  Think and be loose.  And… enjoy.

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