Sun Language



These past two weeks have been interesting. Just as I finish writing a post, I find myself back at my laptop typing away, again.

It’s 40 degree’s cold here (yes, there are all types of cold) yet I sat in the sun this morning. Oh what a difference just a few minutes made. GET IN THE SUN!! Continue reading

Unanchor and float


So… where to begin.  This might be the first mercury retrograde that I’m still getting all sorts of messages. Usually I’d be in what I referred to as a, personal spiritual lull. And trust me, I’ve truly felt each one. I’d receive spirit whispers if another needed a message but nothing for me. So I’d ponder, reflect, live my life and at times panic wondering when the messages would start again. The last two retrogrades my higher- self was available so now I can see the progression.  I wonder if this is a perk of 5D.  I’ll take it! Continue reading

What is going on?


This week has been amazing, then quiet, then….

I awoke this morning and despite my attempts to think happy thoughts…  I felt all out of sorts. I wondered if I had some (more, ugh) releasing to do. Or was this growing pains (again)?  I thought I was in 12/12 energy.  As I was trying to put my finger on what I was feeling, I paused.  One thing I knew was… Ego – You’ve got to go!  You are not making this any easier.

So let me share the message I received. Continue reading