Finding peace


Well… the writer aspect seems to be back.  While most might not have noticed, I did as it was happening.  Instead of writing up to 3 post a day (a few years ago) or 3+ a week (this past year or so), I could go a week or longer without writing a post.  Life was happening and I was trusting the journey/process.  So now… Continue reading

You write your story every day.


To be honest, I almost forgot. In many ways, so much is happening now. Or maybe this is just another layer that is shedding.  Four years ago a date was set. An event. Now I can look back and see it was in my akachic records. A day that drove home a point. Change was need in my life. Big time. I was to stop caring for everyone and boy do I mean, everyone and start caring for myself. Unbeknownst to me – trust me, I was completely clueless, this event was completely supported. Within a few months, a lot of change happened. And then I was left facing… myself. Continue reading