Answers aren’t in the mind

I remember years ago hearing this statement and then and now agree.  Many of us are smart enough and have a brilliant mind yet there do seem to be times that an answer that makes sense and feels right is illusive.  Interesting as we live in a world that pushes for (immediate) answers and we live in a Universe that has endless possible answers. Continue reading

Open mind and pure of heart

Ahhh, a day into October and I like how now is feeling.  Oh hasn’t 2017 been a hoot so far…?  Now very much new and a time to take all that’s been given/changed and be this.  To implement it and all into our life and way of being… as it is you/your essence and us…  Continue reading

Brain fog or… Answers


Much is written on the mind in spirituality.  To be, mindful.  Or to get, out of your mind.  And the, “death” of ego.  Yet a mind is a wonderful thing, ego included.  When you can use it a bit differently than you have been accustomed to and get it in synch with your heart… ahhh!  It is a process though.  For me it took years to rewire my brain (and this continues). Continue reading