Short and Sweet


Literally.  Okay… first how is everyone doing??  Seriously, if I wrote nothing else would you share?  You can respond telepathically if you’d rather not publically comment.  Let’s practice.  Good fun.  🙂  Ascending symptoms upgrades seemed to take over last night.  Continue reading

Which part of the path am I on?


So you decided to start walking the spiritual path. You read the brief summary of what you might encounter. It interested you. Now you might be pausing and questioning if you are still on the right path. Well, yes you are.  Not all sections are on a paved road. Continue reading

The 2012-2015 Wave of Healers and Teachers


As I meditated, I could feel a united group of healers and teachers.  A new group, like the graduating class of 2015.  These past three years have not always been easy in Earth school yet now I feel an excitement. Continue reading