Some assembly required


This will be short and sweet loves and lights; just a quick checking-in.  How is everyone doing?  Dreams, dreams and more dreams…??  One may or may not have much recall.  And the body may also be feeling much.  From head to toe. Continue reading


7/30-8/5 2018

Oh my goodness… youtube takes way to long to upload/process.  I will need to get with the times and find another way, lol.  Yet… there is a divine order and this was fun so, here we now go…

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Pulling in Soul Aspects


The old me believed I had a soul. It was in me, somewhere. No one seemed to explain what it was, really. I had no idea that it had the potential to be… multidimensional. While our human body and mind will function and carry our soul, getting to know your soul and then working together in all that is, well… WoW. Continue reading