Notes…?  Yes, a few.  Yet I will say this is a time when I could also easily just… let go… and you may also be feeling this.  Outside the wind is blowing… and a “front” is to roll through.  Yes to that, too, as solar wind is incoming.  So this seems to be a time of just… doing your best.  And it’s a mix of honoring whatever arises/being present and being authentic.  Continue reading

Awaken from Awakening


I like raw or unfiltered writing. It captures the essence of a particular moment. Yet, I’ve also learned that if you allow time and space, a much wiser version of self and writing appear. Both are truth… as it changes.  Well… all there is, is now so here we go…  So these are the words I’ve come to,  awaken from awakening.  This is the stage I/many are in. It’s powerful… amazing… and a bit confusing.  Continue reading