Adolescence and the Spiritual Journey

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A year and a half ago I posted on the 2020 Souls and have actually been thinking on reblogging it as I’ve recently been reminded both personally and collectively numerous times of our youth and teens as spiritual beings.  Much of those words/messages I received then do seem to apply to amazing souls who are here now.  While much of our youth is thriving/feeling supported/loved and in their knowing and perfection… some are struggling quite a bit.  It’s as if this now energy has indeed affected and awoken many.  Continue reading

Nothing is by mistake


I believe everything happens for a reason.  I also believe nothing is by coincidence.  We don’t always understand the why or significance.  I seem to get a very strong energy/knowing and to pass this along.  The right person will find it. 🙂  If your reading this, I share the following: Continue reading

The Universe’s Thumb


Several months ago, I felt the Universe pressing on me. It seemed to last for weeks… months and became more and more. So it went from a bit of pressure and discomfort to really feeling the squeeze. I wasn’t sure I could take much more. It was obvious the Universe wanted me to move. Continue reading

This isn’t your momma’s spirituality

I’m cleaning out my writing folder.  I wonder if other bloggers are like me.  I seem to have several articles I’ve started but… then stop.  So I wrote this a few months ago.


I started my spiritual journey years ago. My Aunt encouraged me to read books by Carolyn Myss and Christie Northrup. Then I meet a friend who took me to the Edgar Casey library. Years later, I was introduced to Esther (Abraham) Hicks via a CD a co-worker lent me.  And the journey continued. Continue reading

Four Stages of Awakening


I was going back through some of my private writing from over a year ago. I found this and thought I’d share. In some ways, I feel my journey is unique but then again each person’s should be. Yet, in sharing it’s nice to find those common threads that hold us all together. Awakening can be lonely and scary at times. It doesn’t have to be – find your kind!

I seem to decide to take a crash and intense course in the awakening process a few years ago. Before that, I can now see I was slowly awakening (and in stage one) for over 15 years. And while I write about this process in stages, I also know awakening is and will be for the rest of my life. Like, BA (not standing for Bad Attitude, lol) Before Awakening and AA, After Awakening. So this is what I wrote: Continue reading

Love Your Life


Years ago my brother gave me a ring.  Inscribed, it says, love the life you live.  So simple.  I’ve worn this ring since the day he gave it to me yet I only really look at it on occasion.  When I do, I pause and truly think about these simple words.

If I told you that your life was PERFECT in this very moment, would you believe it?  Or are you already laughing?  If it is, well, you can stop reading here, lol. But if it’s not perfect, amazing, superb, better than you ever thought or dreamed, then read on. Continue reading

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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As a child, I watched, The Wizard of Oz once a year when it came on TV and it was a big deal.  I hadn’t seen it in years… maybe decades.  Now, I was seeing it through a different lens.  I found this a lesson in itself.  Our signs are there but are we seeing them?  Do we ever take a moment to pause and discern.  Question… learn… evolve?

Continue reading