It will happen

Seems appropriate… IT WILL HAPPEN. Build it and they will come. While this post was written in the past with a certain slant, think/can be applied, broad. For the  ❤ of the game baseball tonight. Let’s continue to play!

2020 Spiritual Vision


I awoke in an energy.  It felt so… good.  As the day went on, I kept pausing, feeling and thinking of it.  I do also feel so… blessed.  Really not that much has changed in my world yet I have changed.  A few months ago I awoke from a dream.  It was like someone was screaming at me.  IT WILL HAPPEN!  I’d been working on a project and manifesting a wish and desire so I took this as confirmation and quickly went back to sleep. And life went on. Today, I thought of that dream.  Hmm.  The, it, part.  Ghee… which it were they referring to?  I’m sure, all of it.  In it’s own divine way and time.

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