Getting still… like a Yogi

yogi yoga

I had an intention. At least 10 days of meditation. Now, let’s be realistic. Not 24-7 meditation or even necessarily consecutive days. Just that I’d clear my calendar and make meditation a real priority.  On those days, I’d have no sense of time and the limits, or pressures of a daily routine.

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Can you be patient with the process?


I love the saying, trust the process. This in itself has been a test for me. I will say it’s gotten easier as I continue my journey. Patience… well, I’d trained myself to be efficient and fast. Having patience was not part of this equation.  So this has been another trait to unlearn.  There is no time or the pressure that it imposes.  I know… Continue reading

Summer… books… award… and writing?? Oh my!


I’m reminding myself to breathe today.  All of a sudden it feels like there is much to do.  For example, it’s already 4 p.m.  Where has today gone?!  I feel as if I’ve been in a time warp today.  Yet, I’m determined not to say, I’m busy.  I am… present. Continue reading

The American Dream or…


I’m in the process of moving. Process would be a good word. I woke up this morning on day five. My fiancé and I are the moving company so where is the Advil? We’ve moved three times in the past three years so you’d think I’d be an expert by now. And these aren’t little moves. Five hundred miles here, five hundred miles there. And the volume that has been moved. I’m not in college anymore. I had the American Dream for many years.  A three bedroom home, garage, kids, career and all the stuff that comes with it. Furniture, professional clothes, books, photo albums, kids’ stuff and ghee I must love to cook and obviously at one point entertained since seriously, how many dishes does one need? Continue reading

For those who channel, my two cents.


I was thinking… lol. Okay, this already proves my point. No one taught me how to channel. Actually when the flood gates opened, it snuck up on me. Now that I’ve been channeling for a while now, I’ve discovered two things and wish to pass along my perspective and… (I don’t want to say, advice since each person’s journey is different).  So, here’s my two cents. Continue reading

Silence is Golden


I find that my soul, body and mind crave moments of silence more often now. Well, I think my soul always craved it but it did take a while to get my body and mind to the same place. I lived a life of non-stop doing and intense sounds for decades. If I were to look back, I can see the constant chatter surrounding me. Noise from others, the TV on, traffic, the exterior world. Overwhelming… deafening… maddening. Yet I didn’t know any better. Continue reading

Are You a Love Whisperer?

DSCF8832 (2)While Valentine’s Day is still several weeks away, I’m already thinking about it.  At times, I do struggle with, being present since we are bombarded by reminders of the future.  As I walked into a grocery store, I saw that LOVE was in the air.  I paused for a second to chuckle and to appreciate the reminder.  Love is always in the air. Continue reading