Rays of Light, Part 4


While this might be one of the main reasons I started this blog… this blog has become so much more.  Really I had to be reminded by Spirit to go back and bring these forth.  It does show though that everything you do, each step has a purpose, time and place.  The comments and support have been so felt – know this.  For whatever reason, at first, I was feeling a bit vulnerable placing all of this online.  Wondering if it would resonate with anyone else or, was it just me?  So this is the last of the messages I received and some additional thoughts at the end.  Thank you for reading.  ❤ Continue reading

Music can take you there


I grew up close to my parent’s record player. One year for Christmas, all I wanted was a Walkman. Then a boom box with dual tape decks… then a CD player… So no wonder I became a DJ in high school. Music has always been a gateway to my soul. I love music and just about all types. From country to rap and even some very angelic hymns. Continue reading