Birthday and Blogging


I love birthdays and mine seemed to sneak up on me this year.  I’ve had… 40+ trips around the sun.  So today has been a day of being in the moment and doing what I love.  It’s been a day of peace, love and bliss.  Earlier today I thought how bloggings is like a birthday… with each post, like, comment… an energy (gift) exchange.  So then, just about every day is our birthday.  Absolutely.  A time to celebrate.  So I am just sharing my gratitude and love.  Don’t wait for a birthday or holiday.  Celebrate, now.  That’s what you came here for. Continue reading

The things that make us.


Today is my older son’s birthday. A St. Patrick’s Day baby. The years have gone too fast. I knew I wanted to be a mother but the depth of my love for my children sometimes even surprises me. I have every reason to be proud of this young man. He truly has been a blessing to me. We have grown up together and I am so lucky! I don’t necessary need the St. Patty’s Day reminder. Continue reading