I often oscillate in my writing styles.  At time I relay from the human/HUman perspective.  As it is happening.  Change/transformation.  Other times as a channel/vessel/messenger… in knowing.  Oh many ways and seeing all as divine! Continue reading



Well… where to start.  Overnights seem busy yet I am… not remembering the activity.  In some ways during the day, I feel as if I am holding space.  Allowing for whatever needs to arise.  I feel connected/dialed in yet guidance is quieter verses explaining… Continue reading

Trust the process

What are you going to do?  I’ve been asked this question several times this past week. Soon I’ll have a decision to make. We all make hundreds of decisions each day and for the most part, it’s automatic and easy. This decision though seems a bit… bigger. The old me would already be laboring the pros and cons. Continue reading