Rising Sun

Really this is more of just a, checking in.  My mind, heart and body seem to be allowing and processing.  No rush or pressure.   While we’ve had a strong line of storms, this morning I sat with the sunrise and started singing, house of the rising sun.  I’m not sure what the original song meant.  It seems to be taking on it’s own meaning for me now.  Music does seem to be pouring out of me the past few weeks.  As if there is a song/answer to just about everything.  Continue reading

You did this to yourself.


TV/Movies on my mind 🙂  I’ve mentioned my interest with the TV series, The Blind Spot.  While this season seems less about Jane Doe’s story and more a wider mix of the various actors, action and drama, I still think on and chuckle at this scene from months ago. It’s when “past” Jane tells now/current Jane, “You did this to yourself.”    Continue reading

Blind spot, Acceleration and LEAP!

Honestly, I don’t watch much T.V. In the fall I did watch, The Blind Spot and became addicted to the show (so not like me). So I’ll be watching the session kickoff on Monday night. Why? Could it be that at times many of us feel just like the main character of this series? Amnesia. Small bits of remembrance that breaks though as we awaken and then make strides to live. Continue reading