A time of much to unfold


TBA… Yup!  Spirit reminded me that much is in play and to… let it play out.  This is a time to be… flexible.  If you’re goal oriented, in problem solving mode, or crave structure/control/being in the know… well… tee hee.  I will say that I feel this universal sigh of relief, as if much work has been done. Continue reading



Hmm… this lion’s gate energy doesn’t seem to be done.  For me it did come in like a lamb, days of bliss and now we seem to be roaring.  And what seems to be needed?  Well… just sharing a perspective.  Courage though seems to be the word.  While I usually encourage being open, honoring your process and doing what you love, now some courage/trust/standing your ground and a BIG exhale seems to also be needed. Continue reading

Brain fog or… Answers


Much is written on the mind in spirituality.  To be, mindful.  Or to get, out of your mind.  And the, “death” of ego.  Yet a mind is a wonderful thing, ego included.  When you can use it a bit differently than you have been accustomed to and get it in synch with your heart… ahhh!  It is a process though.  For me it took years to rewire my brain (and this continues). Continue reading