Okay… if you follow along, you know I post in a variety of styles and I guess this would be under the advanced ascending category.  In the past, I’ve always freely shared (no warning noted) but now I do understand why some of this writing could be looked at as… well, concerning/strange/crazy.  I do understand.  A few years ago this would have been of no interest to me… until, I started living it.  I think it will resonate for some though so I write and thank you for reading. Continue reading

2/2 Update


I sat down to type up the past few days and I just couldn’t write.  All I could get out was a few one sentence thoughts and no ability to explain and weave them together. I’m trying again now and realizing how much Spirit is with me when I write. Spirit is always with us yet what a blessing to be connected and allow it to flow.  Over the past few days… Continue reading