Web of support


Welcome March and here we go! I love my signs. I was sitting outside and my mind was running away. I was thinking of my blog and how many additional streams have been birthed from it. Honestly I had no idea over a year ago. Recently I’ve been playing (literally) with youtubes, self-publishing, setting up free conference calls to support others in their journey, etc. And then I realized I was in a web. A spider web. It took several minutes to get untangled and then this little friend made herself know. Seriously you are mighty small to have made this large of a web and so quickly. In what seemed like minutes as I sat. How symbolic, in many ways. Continue reading

Dropping the Re and Be


I had a few words come to me and they all started with, re. As I thought on this more, I realized the potential list could be quite long. Each one of these words in caps has the potential to mean something in one’s spiritual journey. The prefix, re meaning: again, repetition or to go backwards. So I’ll just leave a list and you can see what it reveals/re-veils for you. This activity actually holds several meanings so see what you gather from it. The Universe often sends me activities to get my brain thinking differently  🙂 Continue reading