Welcome 11

I start to write yet… where to start.  The past few days… quick and life is happening!  Many are integrating/adjusting and this may be felt… or even present as struggle/not what you expected.  I can share to just do your best or let go… yet this may be easier said than done.  We have another wave incoming yet… Continue reading

The significance

This is just a sharing of what I AM experiencing.  This is a time of knowings to be known. Some more significant ones are saved for last and may or may not resonate – both awesome as we’re all helping to refine.  So this may seem a bit choppy as I just… write.  ❤ Continue reading

Life Purpose Stargate

The door is round and open…

Can I just say that Stargates are fun!  It’s like remote viewing/a portal/astral travel yet it seems to have an extra pizzazz… or at least for me.  They’ve been happening random yet more often in the longer meditations or as I rest yet right before lucid dreaming.  So weeks ago Spirit said (my) chakra’s were gone, referring to it as an old way and that every cell mattered/flowed/works together in our inner universe/body.  I was also told though that a chakra feeling would come to get one’s attention.  So Spirit taught me of a life purpose chakra several years ago.  It’s not necessarily part of the traditional 7… or even 12.  I feel it below my heart, centered and in my rib cage.  It can feel like a, pull… and at times as if it has it’s own life force.  And it seems to have it’s own stargate.  Practice… explore… have fun!  🙂 Continue reading

Chakra Moon

While I’m sure there is some logical explanation… I really don’t need one.  I’ve often photographed the moon but this evenings pictures captured several additional hues.  The first is as far as my camera will zoom and the others are at about 4-20x zoom. With each click, I seemed to capture a new shade.  This hasn’t happened before so it was fun and special and I’m just sharing.  Goodnight, rest well and sweet dreams to all.

Changing… yet again.


I started this post last night.  For the first time in 18 months of blogging, I wasn’t sure what to write.  With just about every post I’ve been driven to my laptop either out of the need to write or the knowing to write or… just for the sheer joy of it.  I  l-o-v-e  Spirit and writing has been a passion.  So it was strange to sit with my laptop and be so… neutral.  I did know though to, just write from my heart.  And, by today it did seem as if I had enough to write about. Continue reading

Getting to your soul blueprint


Initially I wanted to title this article, ascending in a human body yet I paused.  Years ago I found an article online that listed ascension symptoms.  For years it would be my favorite article because each time I came back to it, I could identify with a different item.  It gave my mind comfort and I’d continue on with my journey.  Now this feels like advanced ascending and I didn’t feel like I had a reference point.   Continue reading

12 chakras


Well, my sign for today seems to be honking horns. Hmm.

My message was: “Do you wish to continue?” I was held in an energy. I was not to give a quick answer. I thought, interesting and a bit surprising. Not what I expected to hear today. I can remember times when I wanted to give up on the, and my, spiritual journey yet was encouraged by Spirit to just give it a bit more time. Continue reading

March Madness or Miracles


Well, you know what I’m choosing.

How is everyone doing?  I’ve been up since pre-dawn which is not like me.  I sat and watched the rising sun from the deck.  No wasps 🙂  No electronics.  Coffee, yes.  This was a great way to set the tone for the day.  In peace and gratitude for over an hour.  Continue reading