Haha… not so fast.  Just when you (think you) understand the rules of the game, can see the playing field and feel ready to sprint towards the goal line… well…  I wrote this from bed earlier today.  Sidelined.  I’m not sick (won’t claim that word) but I am clearing.  Oh… this journey.  It seems as if some deep cellular stuff might surface.  Continue reading



Years ago I walked along the beach.  I was in a tough place in my life.  The only positive was my 6th sense was awakening again but I’d have no idea of what was to come.  Out of nowhere, a gate was opened.  The only word I could come to was, channeling.  OMG… this was channeling!  In time, I told maybe 2-3 people who I thought would understand.  I’ll be honest, my mind didn’t (even though I did believe in it).  It was a special and indescribable event that went on for weeks.  Non-stop messages and I needed them.  It changed… everything! Continue reading

Spiritual Lull’s


I’ve often mentioned, spiritual lull’s. When channeling started for me, it was one of my biggest questions. I had no reference point. I just thought if you were “psychic”, you were all the time. Why did the messages come and go? And why did it cause such a panic (for lack of better words) in me when the messages stopped? It was so unpredictable. I would have calmed down if I’d just heard, it will start again in two weeks. You’ve been working hard so go have some fun. LOL. It’s like being unemployed. If you’d only been told when a job would come, one could avoid placing so much so much stress on themselves. Continue reading

How do you know you are channeling?

"Captured by www.jasonwells.co.uk"

I’m often asked, how do you know you are channeling?  This is a great question yet, at times, I struggled a bit to describe it.  It would just be easy to say, I know.  It’s not something that I can force or fake.

I receive words yet often pictures will also flash. A message from Spirit is often tailored (pulling from your own experiences) so that you can understand yet not your normal thought or word choice. Continue reading

Everything is backwards


One of my first channeled messages was, “Everything is backwards.” I didn’t understand what this meant but I wrote it down. And years later, this simple statement has been demonstrated to me again and again.

I was skimming through online articles last night.  I was guided and started reading this article where I read: Continue reading

Trusting Your Higher-Self


Surfing the Universe by artist, Elena Khomoutova @ lightfromart.com

Okay. I’m pausing already and I haven’t even started to write. This is not like me but I need to take a breath… and make sure I get my words write… oh, right.

I’ve learned so much from channeling.  It is a gift… a skill… and I learn as I go. Continue reading