Grander paths to unfold

How are we doing loves and lights…?  We’ve been in/under solar winds for about three days and it may continue a bit longer.  I’ve found myself starting a few posts but then letting go and staying with the process/energy.  There do though seem to be many possible themes/processes/perspectives/aspects… Continue reading

Night Light of the Soul


Many write on the Dark Night/Knight of the soul.  While it can be a night, it may also be a season or even for a lifetime.  Let’s though change this up a bit.  There is another side/extreme.  For some, they many feel a Light Night… night light of the soul.  Yes this is one of those infinity/∞ moments.  It is a flood… of light, truth. Continue reading

The Core


I wrote this late last night and honestly I was a bit, heavy.  While I’m all about floating, love and light (and this will continue), there are moments on this journey that as you make a passage, you do carry some weight.  Until, in your own way, you just… let go.  You have to be willing to freefall into an energy that feels ahead of your time… because it is.  Yet, you will quickly catch up.  Continue reading