All Systems Restored

Alrighty kiddos!  How is everyone doing?  It is pouring down rain here.  A good day to rest/sleep although yes, some are back to the grind.  Last night as I was journaling, I was thinking this is a special time indeed.  A time to remember and of reunions and a sense of completion.  All that letting go – possibly for years… well… we can now pull in/to us.  It is like waking up a house of sleepy heads.  Everyone is there, now wake up.  Yes, I am being symbolic/energetic since much is happening in the etheric/higher planes and in our house/body.  It’s also very subtle and could be easy to miss.  So now is a good time to remember, rest, reboot and repeat.  Make the time, if needed, and honor.  This is what we’ve been waiting for/working towards and the remembrance… ha, embrace… will greatly assist one in the coming year (s). Continue reading