Retired lightworker…?


WHAT??!!  Yes, this was part of a message that recently surfaced.  I had to embody a lightbody to then be told that I am no longer a lightworker.  But of course… this is par for the course, lol.  So much of this journey has been backwards and upside down.  I needed to remain calm and listen.  And I got it.  I am not any label.  I AM… me.  Continue reading

The Core


I wrote this late last night and honestly I was a bit, heavy.  While I’m all about floating, love and light (and this will continue), there are moments on this journey that as you make a passage, you do carry some weight.  Until, in your own way, you just… let go.  You have to be willing to freefall into an energy that feels ahead of your time… because it is.  Yet, you will quickly catch up.  Continue reading