Animals Jumping Realities


This summer I’ve taken up the deer as a photo subject.  It has been a challenge since at first they would only come out at night, then at dusk.  Then on occasion during the day but by the time I grabbed my camera, gone.  Yet I eventually got several shots.  Then I could see the fawns (exciting) but they stayed more so hidden in the woods or ears of corn – what is my all time photo in my mind thus far.  Eventually they became brave… and independent… and curious and came out into the open. Continue reading

No pressure – Part two


Good day Angels, Lightworkers and Loves!  How are you doing?  Ten days ago I made a pressure cooker analogy and that energy is back.  So please keep in mind, no pressure.  The winds/energy/currents are STRONG!  Keep it simple, stay close and if needed find a way to relieve the pressure.  Much is going on now that our human mind doesn’t understand.  It will in moments and then in the future as all of this energy becomes our new normal.  First, we have to experience this.  For me, floating in the ocean was a great rest/reset.  So if you don’t have an ocean, take a bath or find a pool.  Go neutral.

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