Checking our spiritual pulse

This journey for me has become about sharing… yet for some time there’s also the balance.  At times we live our truth through connecting, serving and being with others and then other times, we need to only be with self.  So one may feel this great call home/inward.  To let go of much that’s been and surrounds.  We are preparing for 11/11 and 2019 energy.  Continue reading

In gratitude…

Oh for so much.  And I hope you, too.  So just a few quick thoughts to share.  While this is  (or may soon be) a busy time, be sure to check-in with self.  And be kind to self (… and of course to others) as some of these upgrades are quite physical.  After meditating this morning… Continue reading

Post Solstice Hangover?


With so many amazing posts written on Solstice, I’m wondering how everyone is doing?  My guess, some may be a bit hungover/dazed/confused/grumpy.  As if one has forgotten all the inspiration that was written just a day or two ago.  You are in the NOW moment and might be wondering, what was all that about?  Now what?  Well… Continue reading