In sickness and in health


This blog has documented every step of my journey so… I start to type on this one, too.

How we take our health for granted.  Seriously.  Without it… really you can’t do much.  Or can you… as I write from bed.  Actually, yes, you can do a lot.  Some time ago Spirit spoke with me on the benefits and joys that come from illness.  It is a blessing, not a curse. Continue reading

Embrace your dark side

groundhog-day-shadowGroundhog Day happens each year.  This year, I pause to chuckle.  Many will watch as the groundhog emerges from its burrow.  And will he see his shadow?  Often if he does, a disheartened sigh is given.  We all like warm and sunny days or at least the hope of them.  I’d been thinking on writing an article on embracing one’s dark side and this symbolism seems to fit.

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