Working on updates


I often think of writing even when I’m not writing.  So I’ve had several mental notes yet once I got a moment to write… they were gone.  And this might describe the energy.  We are in another rather significant process yet our mind might not understand it. Continue reading

What happens when sleeping giants awake?


A few months ago I awoke from a dream-like state and felt like I’d been walking with giants.  Then more recently I was feeling this energy again yet now in me/my reality.  Big, shifts.  Well, no fear… let’s play!  A spiritual journey is often well spaced out yet non-stop awakenings/a-ha’s/epiphanies and divine moments.  It’s also some bizarre stuff and at times, muck and hard work!  Really hard work yet it should and can be, fun.  While I am often Zen, I could feel much stirring in me.  So this post is more of the random from the past few weeks and a more well organized/theme post, soonContinue reading

The Return


There has definitely been a shift – yah!  Energy in the air yet it hasn’t quite settled yet.  It’s like you now have the energy to do… something… yet your not quite sure what to do.  Well, you can’t go wrong here yet you might just realize to, chill.  We seem to be running brain (rewiring/refiring/refining) energy and you may feel this.  It might be felt as a headache yet it is not.

I wrote this next part a few weeks ago and it does seem to fit now.  So here we go… Continue reading

The Divine Feminine in you… have you found her yet?

What do you see when you look at this picture?


I see a heart. I’d meet a lady on the beach and gave her some beachcombing tips. On her walk back, she was showing me her finds. She was so kind, she actually offered me the shell but I’m a firm believer that one finds what they are supposed to. I asked her if I could take a picture and you can see our shadows a bit as we stood side by side. I’d never seen this and thought it was a great find. Continue reading