2016… you served us well.


It’s late yet I write.  In some ways the past few days have held a peace/silence/stillness and… then the other extreme.  It’s easy to notice the fast/accelerated/aggressive/revved up.  It can also be easy to let go and breathe in knowing.

Something profound is happening.  I had something that happened today that my mind doesn’t understand yet.  Up until even a few months ago, it would have been filed in the bizarre category yet now it’s no longer, bizarre.  It’s as normal and real as everything else.  So I will be patient and let it unfold.  There is always a great story to be told.  The veil will lift in the moment it should.  Continue reading

Star Log, Contracts & Changes


Dear Diary… lol.  No, it’s more like Star Track – Captain’s Log, day 1111.  In a joking mode again.  I feel as if I can write and write.  If you follow – gheez – aren’t you sick of me yet?  Hope not.  A lot is swirling both in the heavens above and earth bound.  My drafts folder is filling up – I’m not ADD… hmm.  If you’ve been feeling stagnant/stuck – hold on or, get ready. Continue reading