Trick or… Treat


How is everyone doing?  Wowziers has this been a time.  This is just a quick check-in.  I’ve been decompressing… still and boy is life happening.  I’ve had some intense ear tones coming in this evening.  Intense.  One came with a brief wave of vertigo that almost brought me to my knees.  Headache, yep!  The theme for the day was… Trick or Treat.  I was sending back, no tricks… just treats.  We also seem to be having some “fire drill” practice (yes, think broad/symbolic here).  Continue reading

5D/New Earth/Evolving/Ascending/Wave X/Love Revolution


Okay kiddos…    The word choice really doesn’t matter. “It’s” happening.  And each is doing their best to describe yet words just don’t do it justice. I think many are not writing more on the particulars of 5D since… it’s hard to write about.  It’s still too new.  And it’s a personal and different experience for each as we each carry a unique code.  And, look at the timing.  A perfect time of year with all of the Holidays to either test, see or fall back to what was comfortable.  Honestly, I don’t think that many have fully shifted yet. So I do commend the bloggers and wayshowers for their honesty, writing and reminders.  We’re all doing our part to understand and pass along what we know.  Isn’t this fun! Continue reading