Spiritual Writing, Vibration & Grammar Rules


Today I awoke with an issue that was stirring in my mind and heart.  I really felt ready to understand and to be guided by Spirit.  I wanted, comfort.  I knew this situation was/had been serving me yet I was ready to transcend it.  The weather called for clear sky yet as I sat outside in meditation, thunder boomed.  Dark clouds came in.  I chuckled since this was not on the radar.  Continue reading

I AM a writer… good speller, well…

If you would have told me a few years ago I’d become a writer… I wouldn’t have believed this.  I would have been thinking back.  Back to my elementary school days when I was called upon to read out loud and I could feel the terror in my body.  The humiliation was about to start as I stumbled to pronounce the words and as my classmates stared at me and giggled.  I had a learning disability and reading and writing did not come easy to me. Continue reading