Feel it to heal it


I had an interesting set of dynamics surface and at first couldn’t see the teaching that was coming to light.  Oh this journey always has a surprise… and a possible teaching moment.  What I have learned from past/years of healing work is… if one is willing to go there, one can get to the other side of it.  And from this life changing and systemic transformation can happen.  Continue reading

Electron Sprint

Alrighty loves and lights!  This combo here… some may very much be feeling.  Physically and it can quickly become a mental and emotional thing, too (yet it doesn’t have to).  It is a gift – the body in sync with a process.  It’s just one of many ways. Continue reading

No words…

Yet, I may type many.  I’ve been jamming to music and anchoring in this next pulse.  It’s a high and powerful one.  Feeling great and smiling.  I started to write this post and placed in drafts yet have been reminded in many ways in the past 72 hours.  So, here we go…  Continue reading

Are we there yet…?


HA!  Just when we think we are…  A rest/recalibration and the destination (seems to) change.  Well, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.  Often I have a moment when I pause in writing/blogging… and as it unfolds, I wonder if I’ll return and write again.  Well, you seem to know the answer this time, lol.  Writing is an honor… and so is not writing.  Life happens and each moment is a gift; so many options. Continue reading

Dark Knight of the Soul


If you’re currently in or recently survived a Dark Night, you know it’s worthy of capital letters.  It is a defining experience.  If it’s been a while, you can probably now refer to it as a, dark night (lower case) and might even see the humor/irony in this word play.  You also know that it was a passage and sacred experience.  It needed to happen and served a purpose. Continue reading


DSCF3775 (2).JPG

I often get on a roll writing. I can’t help myself. So it was interesting to take a break for just a few days. It was a pause and I knew I could easily dive right back in yet, there seemed to be this extra  s p a c e  and empathize on the pause. While I could have ignored it, I knew to honor it. Hmm… How did I wish to re-emerge?  To start again?  Did I even wish to write… at all?  In a world of unlimited possibilities, opportunities and experiences… maybe I’ve blogged enough. Maybe it’s time to do something, different… new. Some of you know me though (and how much I love to write) so this example is just relaying how BIG the energies/shifts are right now. Continue reading

Being of service


This is a total body blast for many.  Months ago I could feel my brain changing and the energy working and at times both the high’s and brain fog.  The body blasts can manifest in different ways.  At times emotions pulse and get pushed up and out.  It does feel like a coming undone and for a second you might fell as if everything is falling apart yet know that it’s coming together.  Continue reading