Ascending struggle


Just wanted to check in on the current energy.  Sleep may be needed and one may be feeling significant heart expansions.  I remember when these started for me, they were borderline alarming.  Now I smile, roll shoulder blades back/open up and take a few slow and deeper breaths.  Continue reading

Emotional body/pulse


Just wanted to check-in loves and lights.  It does seem an emotion pulse has been sent and for some it’s been a while and may even feel like a what…??/step back.  So even seasoned gridworkers/wayshowers/lightworkers and etc!! may be feeling. Continue reading

Transcending the emPATH


I seem to be in one of those moments… realizing that all of the work we’ve been doing for months now… heck, years/our whole life… has gotten us to this moment.  While we’ve been working on certain levels, much deeper levels were also being worked on and, now brought to light.  It simply is, who we are.  It can feel like night and day or as a flip of a switch or, that it’s all caught up/been returned.  Continue reading

Hey Now…


Hello lights, loves and visionaries.  How are you?  I am hoping, well.  Yet… I wonder.  I’ve been reminded in numerous ways of the struggles on this journey so I’ll remind that even spiritual people are not exempt from, life; bad-stuff-happens-to-lightworkers-too .  I have many in my thoughts/prayers/energy.  I can say that now is not the time to fall off the wagon (good stuff ahead) but this might just be what is needed.  It’s where each has their our own unique experience and collect gems.  While it might not seem like the plan, it is.

Continue reading

Welcome to the Jungle or… Paradise?

I am now thumbing through pages of notes and wondering where to start.  It’s as if my mind is wondering, what just happened?  The past 10 days have been… almost indescribable.  As if lifetimes of work has been done and this may be truer than we realize.  Yet, depending upon who asked me, I could also say not much has happened; silence.  Hmm…  Continue reading

A simple energy update…?


Well…that was my original intent but then I got on a roll writing.  Thanks for reading.

For those who follow along, you know my story and style.  If you may be new… well… we found each other for a reason.  🙂  I wanted to keep this simple and that might be pretty easy because I don’t even understand some of the things that are energetically going on, well, more so for me right now.  I can make some guesses but I type when I know them.  I just need, time.  (I know there is no, time but here on Earth it sure is a gift.)  Simply, the energy remains high and is affecting many in different ways.  Continue reading

An infinity of a-ha’s


Do you remember a time when your spiritual journey seemed  s-l-o-w?  As if nothing… or not much was happening yet you so wanted for something… anything to happen?  Well, this would not be one of those times now (or at least for me).  It is interesting… this reemergence that has been unfolding for me.  Each week/month, more.  Years ago I did have a time where it seemed as if life almost stopped.  It needed to.  I had much to learn/remember.  Continue reading