Jump Start to Surreal


Well… what is this energy wave?  Maybe it’s just me but… it’s not even 9 a.m. and walking in the multiple again.  It is like seeing the past, present and future.  You may notice time/date discrepancies, people who think they know you yet you’ve never meet or just general confusion.  It can be like now you see it, now you don’t – good fun!  I’ve caught so many people zooning out/traveling and it does seem to take a moment to, come back. Continue reading

You are blessed!


My internet connection had been a bit slower so I called the service provider. I can be old school at times remembering life with no internet – I will survive.  I also know when it slows down or goes out, it’s for a reason/reminder.  So as I talked to the tech, she pulled my account and apologized for me not having service at all yesterday.  Well…  I had it all day.  She then insisted that my specific area had none (the hub was down).  She seemed amazed yet then joyful and repeatedly said, “How blessed are you.”  I started laughing.  This phone call had nothing to do with my internet speed.  It was about connecting and the reminder.  How blessed are you!  Continue reading

Let’s get this party started!


The energy the past few days has had two very different themes for me.  One energy of no message/no action needed/have fun and then… these bursts of ADD/ADHD energy.  It’s like, what about this?  Or this?  Or that???  Excitement is great but when it’s too much or so scattered, it can be a bit overwhelming.  As if it surges yet then one needs to take a nap just a few hours later.  And also being uncertain about any of the options.  I think this is the next wave of lightworkers coming online.  They are excited yet, well, do you remember that stage?  It was hard to maintain the energy or do much with ease and grace.  Haha… even for the not so new (me included), this can be a challenge in moments.  So breathing, being centered and knowing helps to balance it all out.  Nothing is urgent.  What is meant to be, will be. Continue reading