Redefining your spiritual journey


As I sat outside the other morning, it was calm and peaceful.  In a reflective state… and came to these words about now that may resonate for some.  For many this is a time of… redefining… and in many ways.  What and who we are.  What brings our life joy and meaning… to include what and if we need a defining purpose/way.  By now we know what we desire as this has changed some… or a lot in the journey.  We also know that we are here for a reason yet the reason(s) may have also changed.  Life is moving on, new stages in the spiritual process have unfolded and now… how do we function… continue to adjust/adapt/respond/be.  What is real…?  Important…? Continue reading



Oh several themes running… and one of them would be that action/movement = action/movement.  And this is a good thing.  On this journey there are times to keep things simple and go slow and do no thing.  And there are times to get moving… even if you’re not sure.  To do something and see what unfolds. Continue reading