Let go of 2019 energy


Well… for that matter… let go of 2012 – 2019.  Alrighty loves, lights and all in-between… how are you doing?  Or should I say, how are you being?  While I haven’t been writing much for months now… trust that the journey continues.  Continue reading

Human Will + Soul Surfer

Life is always full yet the past month+ has been accelerated.  As life gets busy/different, writing often falls to the side; what presents is important.  So interesting as for years it’s been well paced/ample time to write even in the (spiritual) accelerations we’ve felt… yet now… Continue reading

Life Purpose Stargate

The door is round and open…

Can I just say that Stargates are fun!  It’s like remote viewing/a portal/astral travel yet it seems to have an extra pizzazz… or at least for me.  They’ve been happening random yet more often in the longer meditations or as I rest yet right before lucid dreaming.  So weeks ago Spirit said (my) chakra’s were gone, referring to it as an old way and that every cell mattered/flowed/works together in our inner universe/body.  I was also told though that a chakra feeling would come to get one’s attention.  So Spirit taught me of a life purpose chakra several years ago.  It’s not necessarily part of the traditional 7… or even 12.  I feel it below my heart, centered and in my rib cage.  It can feel like a, pull… and at times as if it has it’s own life force.  And it seems to have it’s own stargate.  Practice… explore… have fun!  🙂 Continue reading