The… Our Magic

In morning meditation, I found myself in peace and a reflective mood.  Yesterday I listened to a youtube which I haven’t done in a while.  I used to listen to many yet this past year the guidance has been to, clear the channel and less is more.  I knew it was to make sure I was getting my/deeper messages verses getting caught up in other energy.  It can though seemed a bit quiet yet I’ll say it has greatly assisted in my journey.  There are times to seek/connect/do homework/share (all very exciting) and times to allow, be patient, peace and… clear.  Continue reading

Being… a Spiritual Hybrid


I’ve known for some time that I am a spiritual mutt… well, hybrid.  And it has been an interesting journey.  I do feel many identify with this path yet at times it can be a bit confusing/overwhelming/never ending!  And yes, many moments of ease, peace and bliss. Continue reading