Menopause or Ascending or… ?

This post is not just for women.  Even more so for men.  The role that men carry now is so important and diverse during this time.  Trust me that if women wonder/question this, so do men.  Continue reading

Anchoring in, home.


Oh loves and lights!  A powerful moment/energy exchange and then I could feel the re-set.  I do hope others are experiencing, too.  Often for me they come in the random/everyday moments and even more often in meditation/still points.  So to feel/experience and not be in a meditative state (per say) was sublime.  Like a reunion and Heaven on Earth moment.  While we’re always, home… anchoring in, more.  I then spent an evening reviewing some past notes.  Interesting as I wasn’t drawn to pushing ahead.  Continue reading

Anxiety Attack… Soul vs. Mind and Body


Let me say first, I am not a licensed therapist or an expert on anxiety disorders.  But when certain situations come into my life, I am a writer so that’s what I do.  Recently I’ve been looking at anxiety attacks as a way that your soul will get your attention.  I think a bit extreme but us humans can be stubborn.  Our amazing body and soul will find a way to give us a sign when we are off track.  Heed the warning. Continue reading