Good morning loves!  How are you?

If one thing alone has been clear in the past 48 hours (other than turtles), the Universe has been reminding me of 3’s.  A lucky streak – three in a row.  Good things come in three’s.  Three forces coming together at once.  Three gifts.  Third times a charm.  Three trines yet I don’t know/follow astrology that closely (are we in a trine?)  Hmm… the mystery. Continue reading

Gut feeling


This was written by my amazing fiancé. I’ve only added a few thoughts. This is truly a co-creating writing experience and a first for us. For years, I trusted my gut but his wisdom and words helped to describe what was I doing… how and why I did just that. I’ve quoted his words. He knows I’m a writer but I often think he is, too. Continue reading