Come alive

Wow… okay… as a personal a-ha sends me to sit down and just write.  We do learn to balance all of this again and in a new way.  I am not sure that the word shift or alignment work as well as… well…  this simply is who we are, here and now.  Alive… and glowing.  Happy and knowing… (or knowing, enough).

Let’s first though do an energy update or just a possible perspective as this wave/pulse/moment is being felt in a variety of ways to include… Continue reading

Walking in life and meditation


Just letting you know I’m think of you.  Yes, YOU!  I personally awoke and realized my mind had been wrestling with the Universe overnight.  We have a choice in each moment and this didn’t feel like the right way to start my day.  I sat outside in the sun and then found my happy place.  Nothing is wrong.  There is no rush.  Let’s remember our essence.  Let’s remember our grace.  We are the light.  Breathe.  Open.  Love.  Repeat.  Have a blessed day.  I love you.