Time to Expand


I’ve started several posts – each one I had such passion for and then… it faded.  So this might be mirroring the energy.  So I decided to start fresh and keep this simple.  I’d asked for an informational dream, like what is going on, now and it was riddled with symbolism.  Oh how I love it.  After being awake an hour though, I knew the heart of the dream.  It was about, EXPANSION.  To get out of any situation that one might felt a bit, cramped.  So this will be a short post passing along the reminder and to let you know I AM thinking of you.  Continue reading

Animal Signs: Hawk, Mole & Fox

Okay… there has been a significant change in the energy.  An upswing.  And today is flying by!  And speaking of… just sharing some of the signs I am seeing.  I often see a variety of birds in flight but the other evening a visitor landed in the back yard.  Quite rare.  Pic is a bit fuzzy (haha, literally) but I was surprised and happy she waited long enough for me to grab my camera.


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