Some great thoughts/remembrance… if we can just relax our mind enough to process them.  Can we say headache if we can’t.  And if we can just relax our heart and body enough to rest/sleep and do what it needs to do as this latest upgrade/awakening/alignment unfolds.  It does feel as if it’s been in process for about a week+ now.  And it does feel like a biggie… yet, most of them have been. Continue reading

Trick or… Treat


How is everyone doing?  Wowziers has this been a time.  This is just a quick check-in.  I’ve been decompressing… still and boy is life happening.  I’ve had some intense ear tones coming in this evening.  Intense.  One came with a brief wave of vertigo that almost brought me to my knees.  Headache, yep!  The theme for the day was… Trick or Treat.  I was sending back, no tricks… just treats.  We also seem to be having some “fire drill” practice (yes, think broad/symbolic here).  Continue reading

Lightworker sharing…

On a variety of topics.  So buffet style – take what serves you.  🙂  I seemed to get on a roll and end on the topic of money/abundance.

The past two nights I’ve found it hard to go to sleep and then hard to awake.  I remember playing ball in my dream state.  Just like base/softball.  Tossing back and forth… back and forth an energy ball.  What awoke me was when the ball was not caught and dropped.  It was a loud sound that seemed to echo so I awoke with my heart racing.  Okay… so… don’t drop the ball.  Or… just keep playing.  🙂 Continue reading