Heart Scan


The other day the Universe reminded that I don’t normally scan for aura’s, I seem to go for the heart. Instead of seeing colors, I see an item. To be honest though, I more often see walls and deep tears. The first time this happened to me I wondered how the person could be alive, functioning and seemingly happy with such a mutilated emotional heart. I then seemed to be a psychic surgeon (with permission) as I sent energy and attempted to sew it back together. Just by bringing attention to and then discussing, healing started. Continue reading

Saying No and… YES!!


When you know to say, no, keep your heart open in this moment.  Often a no closes your heart.

So say, no thank you and smile and… also decide to say, yes.

Not, yes… YES!!  With confidence and excitement.

Say YES to the grander plan.  Even if you don’t know what that is… yet.

Otherwise you might just get more of the same ho-hum, confusion or struggle.

Know that good things are coming to you.

For those who channel, my two cents.


I was thinking… lol. Okay, this already proves my point. No one taught me how to channel. Actually when the flood gates opened, it snuck up on me. Now that I’ve been channeling for a while now, I’ve discovered two things and wish to pass along my perspective and… (I don’t want to say, advice since each person’s journey is different).  So, here’s my two cents. Continue reading