The energy, body and process

Oh how to summarize now.  Hmm… well… a big part of now is the energy.  Over the years I’ve tried to explain it in ways.  Bliss, a spiritual high, floating…  While one might read these words and think they know or have had these moments… (for many) there’s a whole other heightened feeling/state of being.  More (and many who read along) have felt for years now and, even more to.  While there are many possible ways to describe, one could say that work/whatever gets done with ease, you’re even happier and unaffected by the stuff that might normal trip you up.  No worries/blocks/time and you just enjoy and do as the higher energy does seem to hold/be you.  It does feel special and unique.  So this energy has been for several days now in a row. Continue reading

FUN and Spirituality


Wow… I made a “proclamation” days ago and if I needed synchronicities/reminders, yesterday was full of them.  Many on this wave awoke through pain.  Many are still in struggle and pain.  It stops when it stops although, I encourage you to just shake yourself.  Snap out of the old and into the new you.  The new is awe some. Continue reading