Roots, Soles, Soul Activations and…

It does feel as if a lot has happened in just a few short days yet… we’ve been working towards this for quite some time.  When we have those quieter moments and okay some not so quiet/easy and then… it all syncs up. Continue reading

Changing of form


I started this blog to offer just a perspective.  My desire was to, inspire.  I offer what I receive from Spirit as a possible reminder, and at times, I “teach” what I believe, live and have experienced.  Often though, I am just a human being sharing a story.  I have grown so much from blogging.  Each post is an honor and I am truly touched by each interaction.  Thank you for reading, commenting and being a part of my journey; better together. Right now though, in this moment, I am… in a bit of shock.  Continue reading

The Core


I wrote this late last night and honestly I was a bit, heavy.  While I’m all about floating, love and light (and this will continue), there are moments on this journey that as you make a passage, you do carry some weight.  Until, in your own way, you just… let go.  You have to be willing to freefall into an energy that feels ahead of your time… because it is.  Yet, you will quickly catch up.  Continue reading