You can’t give what you don’t have.


Years ago I had a serious of dreams… that honestly I didn’t understand.  Each one was a bit different yet when I paused and reviewed, I could see the theme.  In one of them… Continue reading




It’s 1/11.  Oh I love this angel number!  So of course I had to do my passion today – writing!

A few nights ago I had a long and detailed dream of a past home I loved in (oh typo but true, meant lived) and of myself and the neighbors.  I awoke and was a bit surprised.  Why was I still dreaming of the past??  I’ve done years of inner work and I’m certain that those timelines should be crunched by now.  I thought of the signs in the dream.  What in my current vibration was, cross referencing??  I was able to get at a place of peace with the messages and I’d later meditate.  I was clear with the Universe that I was ready to move forward.  My house was in good order.  I then also sent off a few intentions.  So the last two nights have been pretty quiet.  I’ll take this as a good sign.  I’m welcoming new opportunities. Continue reading