Light up with Laughter


In meditation, I started laughing.  Oh what a joy.  Allow it to circulate.


Laugh yourself to a new reality


In my journey, there have been a handful of one-liners I’ve heard from Spirit that seem to come up often enough.  And I think this will be one of them.  So I did understand as I heard these words yet the following day, I was really feeling as I laughed more than I had in years.  Continue reading

Roll Call

Is a roll call needed…?  Some will understand as the more recent energy may have taken one on quite a journey/experience/process.  Or may have been felt as a workout (Up, down, UP) or half marathon (and that hitting the wall moment).  Gheez… there have just been so many moments.  Yet, let’s begin this in gratitude… knowing… a breath… and hopefully a smile. Continue reading

Third Eye Exam

Too funny and of course this needs to be on this site!  I’m all about, vision.  I don’t seem to pass the exam though since I can’t see or sense the fine print to site/sight the original cartoonist.  If you know, let me know telepathically – good fun.  Have an awesome day!




I am… laughing my ass off.  I awoke to, Help me, help you.  What?  Like Jerry Maguire??  My angel is in agent form like Tom Cruise??  Here’s just a reminder:

In what way(s) are we still being… stubborn?  What are we still holding on to that is not serving us?  Where are we still a bit off track and asking for the wrong things to manifest?  Struggle is the old way.  You are not a lost or stuck soul.  You are in transition and movement.  Letting go and being open is our walk right now.  Flowing.

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Getting still… like a Yogi

yogi yoga

I had an intention. At least 10 days of meditation. Now, let’s be realistic. Not 24-7 meditation or even necessarily consecutive days. Just that I’d clear my calendar and make meditation a real priority.  On those days, I’d have no sense of time and the limits, or pressures of a daily routine.

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