Working with Hurricane Energy

I work/play/ponder on whatever’s in my energy.  While there’s multiple energies/experiences running now, I seem to be following the hurricane theme.  At first I wasn’t going to write on this yet quickly realized I am not the only lightworker who’s potentially watching, wondering or even triggered by the treat … (oh an interesting typo) threat of a potential landfall.  Continue reading

Cat 1… Literally.


It’s rare that I take a blogging break.  I always seem to make time to write.  I will say though that when I do, whether it be for a few days or in the past, maybe a few weeks, I do hesitate a bit as to if, how and what I’ll share as I start again.  Can I just say that several days away from a laptop/social media can do a lot for you. Continue reading

Ten Four


Ahhh… yes, message received!  Synchronistic date isn’t this?

Good morning sweet souls!  How are you?  I am now realizing… I have been under!  This has been a major upgrade for me/many that has probably been going on for 6 weeks or so.  I’ve been feeling the process lift.  At the same time, I also know to go slow for a bit longer.  And interesting, a possible Hurricane is on the way.  Matthew.  HmmContinue reading