Today’s been one of those days.  I’d start yet then quickly go in another direction…  easily distracted.  So I’ve also stopped and reset/grounded myself several times.  To say that there is much, many and more going on is an understatement.  A Pisces Full Moon – ahh water (fitting on many levels).  And hmm, tying into some potential Atlantis/Mu/Lemuria work… Continue reading


In my career days I was taught to multitask… and did, as if to be proud of this skill.  The Universe must have then noticed, lol.  There was a time though in my spiritual journey where I become so present in each and every task.  Yet… many of us have been getting used to the multiverse and how we see, do and are aware of multiple things, often simultaneously.  We did though start Mastering each of these steps/ways/dimensions individually and in time.  Last year though, things started to accelerate for many of us.

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Retired lightworker…?


WHAT??!!  Yes, this was part of a message that recently surfaced.  I had to embody a lightbody to then be told that I am no longer a lightworker.  But of course… this is par for the course, lol.  So much of this journey has been backwards and upside down.  I needed to remain calm and listen.  And I got it.  I am not any label.  I AM… me.  Continue reading

Ascended Mastery 101


While this picture is kind of trippy, this is not that kind of post.  This is a very natural and normal process.  Tomorrow is 10/1… so 101 does seem appropriate since school… life is in session.  I chuckle as I start to write this post because this has been an interesting wave indeed.  At least for me.  Soo not like the other two of this year.  But of course!  Just when you master a way…. it changes!  Yesterday felt like a work out of a certain kind/story for another time.  By the end of the day, I was reviewing my notes again.  I know I often mention keeping a notebook like a student.  I AM both a teacher and student of life/Spirit.  Each day can be busy enough that it’s easy to miss/dismiss what seems like a random sign/message/dream/event.  I seemed to find mine in my notes, as I was wondering what class had I signed up for. Continue reading

Let’s get this party started!


The energy the past few days has had two very different themes for me.  One energy of no message/no action needed/have fun and then… these bursts of ADD/ADHD energy.  It’s like, what about this?  Or this?  Or that???  Excitement is great but when it’s too much or so scattered, it can be a bit overwhelming.  As if it surges yet then one needs to take a nap just a few hours later.  And also being uncertain about any of the options.  I think this is the next wave of lightworkers coming online.  They are excited yet, well, do you remember that stage?  It was hard to maintain the energy or do much with ease and grace.  Haha… even for the not so new (me included), this can be a challenge in moments.  So breathing, being centered and knowing helps to balance it all out.  Nothing is urgent.  What is meant to be, will be. Continue reading

Everywhere and Everything

Have you seen the movie, Lucy ?  Yes, released almost two years ago.  I love that movie.  I remember coming out of the theater and my brain was having a Fourth of July.  So many things I seemed to believe now seemed to be, confirmed.  And a lot was stirred up in me by watching that movie. Continue reading

Infinity… and Beyond

Resistance is futile.  LOL.  So let’s continue. The Universe has been mirroring me with infinity signs (in the sky and as I walked).  They seem to be popping up everywhere for me.  I feel I’ve experienced again and again so many lessons and both extremes.  The ebb and flow or, it becomes this.  Graceful and in harmony.  There is a peace when one can just go with the flow. Continue reading

Tandem writing – Who am I?


Often when I write, I’m in an energy. Just now though am I realizing there are many different ones. The serious, the playful, the blissful, etc. In the past few weeks, on occasion I feel as if I’m writing in synch with a brother/sister energy. It’s a really cool feeling so I thought I’d mention this. (Now if it would just assist me in my spelling, lol – tandom vs tandem.)  So let’s see how this writing comes together. Thank you for reading. Continue reading