In the in between?


After days in energy blissville (see prior posts if needed)… there was a contemplation/review energy which was followed by a sense of peace, lightness and silence.  And then… was the panic button/vibration/test pressed?  Yesterday afternoon was not what I expected.  A strong wave of feelings/emotions and they were not me.  I’ve had this happen before.  It does often happen after the high blasts of energy/upgrades yet one also seems to forget each and every time.  Whatever is not matching who you are becoming, needs to now surface and go.  You are now strong enough to work with/change/release this. Continue reading

Be open… no, more open than that


I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Here it’s windy, cold and raining sideways and I’m grateful for a warm house and cup of coffee.

I’m encouraging all to be open to new gifts. I’ve noticed an increase in my sight, smell and touch. It seems like the Universe is saying, what do you think about this? Wondering if we’ll welcome and then practice these skills or, if we’ll dismiss them. I’m also betting many who haven’t been in touch with their 6th sense will be having what they’d consider strange experiences. You might overhear some stories so if you can, be the one who points them in the right direction; support and encourage. When you’re open, watch new windows and doors open.  Continue reading