Rays of Light, Part 3


First, if you’ve been reading along – I am honored.  I’ve haven’t done a Part 1 –   before and wasn’t sure how this would go.  So thank you!  If you are just starting here, I’ll reference the first and second post in this series if you’d like to read/catch up/better understand.  As a reminder, the you is, us/we/you.  This was also addressing some parenting years where I was a full time mom, had a full time+ career and my children (from my perspective) were being exposed to much, particularly in their pre-teen years. So hold the messages loosely because this is just a sharing of what I received… a perspective.  Thanks for reading.  ❤

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LOE or Love…

colorful hearts with geometric pattern, vector

Well, it’s both.  Just checking-in so this will be short loves.  There was an interesting energy last night… it felt like a tense discussion in another place.  I’ve felt this energy before… several times.  I had a great day so this did cause me to pause and wonder.  I often feel energy yet can’t always get the story/message/scoop.  Spirit is crystal clear with me often enough so I don’t overthink these moments.  Continue reading